Whether you were walking down the street and your phone fell out of your pocket or you were getting out of the car and accidentally stepped on your brand new phone screen, shattering the glass with your size 11 shoes… then you’ve probably had a few thoughts racing around your mind about how much this is going to cost you and if you can save a few pounds on doing the repairs yourself.

You’re probably thinking ‘I’ve seen enough YouTube videos to give this a try’ and you might even get as far as buying your own screen repair/replacement kit.

But there’s a lot of things that can go wrong when trying to fix your phone screen, and not all of them are a quick YouTube video away… trust me!

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Well, should I try and fix it myself or not?

Before you start diving into the DIY solutions of how you’re going to replace your new iPhone screen by yourself, fixing a phone screen (iPhone screens in particular) aren’t just a ‘copy and paste’ job and some phone companies make repairing their phones a lot more difficult than the others…


If you’re one of the many people who are looking at your cracked phone screen and can already see the 0’s being added onto the end of your repair costs, then you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that having your phone screen repaired by a professional isn’t always more expensive.

For older generation iPhone’s you are looking at around the exact same price of having a professional fix your beloved phone compared to if you were to buy a DIY kit and spend hours reading through blog posts and watching youTube videos trying to figure it out for yourself.

For example, here at Absolute Circuits, we will even beat the price of a repair kit for certain iPhone models.

Take the iPhone XS Max as an example, if you were to go out and buy your own repair kit and try and fix your screen yourself, then you will be looking at spending around £149.99.

If you would like to save yourself all of the time and hassle of having to buy all of the tools needed (and yes, the repair kits still don’t have everything you need) then you can book in an appointment for us to repair your iPhone XS Max screen for only £145.00.

Be careful not to damage anything!

Replacing an iPhone screen, unfortunately, isn’t as simple as sliding the old screen off and replacing it with a new one.

Think of iPhone screen replacements as tech surgery. In order to remove the screen in the first place, you have to navigate yourself through ribbon cables and circuit boards which are extremely, extremely delicate…trust me.

As you can see in the picture below…

iPhone Screen Repair Milton Keynes

All of these cables are integral to your iPhone displaying everything properly and as you can imagine, this process has a lot of steps that need to be taken into account before you can call it a day.

You could probably tell that if all of these cables aren’t properly connected or positioned, then you will most likely be running into the same issues that we have seen come through our workshop day after day. 

iPhone screens not turning back on, home buttons not working after a screen replacement fix, touch screen functionality not working as intended, and the list keeps on going.

Instead of simply warning you of all the dangers of trying to fix your iPhone screen by yourself, we will also be recommending some great products and giving you some great tips that will help you protect your phone in the long-run.

What are the best ways to protect my phone screen?

Now, protecting your phone screen from any form of damage over its lifetime is going to be a difficult ask, however, there are some fantastic products on the market that you can pick up for a good price that will actually do a great job of protecting your phone screen.

Phone cases

One of the more obvious options for protecting your phone overall but, there are a number of phone case companies who have really pushed the boundaries of what a simple phone case does for the protection of your phone screen.

If you like to wear trousers with shallow pockets or are always on the move, then you could really benefit from looking into phone cases over at who really take phone protection seriously.

Take a look at the video below to see how well these phone cases protect your iPhone screen.

Screen Protectors

This is one of the first lines of defense that you are going to think about when wanting to avoid scratches and cracks to your iPhone screen.

A lot of people will think of thin plastic layers that you can find for really cheap prices in bulk on amazon. Now, although these can prevent extremely minor scratches and maybe a few finger smudges, this isn’t the only option on the market (or the best either).

Types of material

These plastic ‘screen protectors’ are called Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET for short) and they are usually the cheapest way for you to ‘protect your screen’ because there isn’t a lot to them.

You can’t expect much protection from the exact same material (but made to be even thinner!) that is used to make water bottles.

What are the other options? Well there are quite a few out there on the market today, but not all of them are going to be worth your money.

You may have heard of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) or Nano liquid being talked about in the world of phone screen protection but they all come up short when the going gets tough.

You want to be looking for a thicker and more durable material that can be used as your secondary layer to your smartphone so that if the worst does happen and your phone drops out of your pocket when you’re walking up a flight of stairs, you’ll have the best chance possible of not seeing a crack when you flip your phone over.

What’s the best option to protect my iPhone screen?

Tempered glass screen protectors will offer you just that, think of them as a second phone screen and are built primarily to resist impacts. Now, according to pcmag, you might not get the best scratch protection in the world but you can easily replace your screen protector with a new one if it becomes unusable.

Whilst tempered glass screen protectors aren’t the best when combatting scratches, as stated previously, they measure up very well when it comes to impact resistance.

Commonly seen as the ‘best in class’ when it comes to protecting screens, we would highly recommend picking up a few to give yourself a bit more peace of mind.

Buy a popsocket

Popsockets are a great little invention which has spared my blushes on a number of occasions.

iPhone Repair Milton Keynes

iPhones have a glass backing to them and on more than one occasion, I have found myself fumbling my phone and seeing it land face-first onto the carpet (thankfully). 

So, if you don’t like the look of a phone case or want something a bit more subtle, then a popsocket is a really good way of getting a bit more of a grip on your phone and makes for a more comfortable way of holding your phone as well.


Overall, with the amount of time, research, and ‘surgery-like’ procedures that you would have to go through when it comes to repairing an iPhone screen, we wouldn’t recommend going about this yourself.

There are a whole host of complications that can happen when replacing a phone screen which can cause more harm than good and potentially cost you even more money compared to if you were to get your screen fixed by a professional in the first place.

Instead, we would recommend investing into some screen protectors and a sturdy phone case. If you are reading this article in between the cracks on your phone however, make an appointment (have to be based in Milton Keynes) with our team of experts and we’ll get your phone screen looking as good as new.

If it’s MacBook repairs that you’re looking for, then we can take care of that for your as well! Take a look at our repairs page or use our mail in service to send us your Mac from anywhere across the UK.