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iPhone Repair Milton Keynes

If you are the proud owner of an Apple phone and are looking for an iPhone repair service in Milton Keynes,  you’re in the right place! Our team are experts in repairing iPhone screens, iPhone batteries, and any other fault that you may have with your iPhone. We pride ourselves on our customer service and we aim to provide every single customer with the best possible service – ensuring a smooth and easy iPhone Repair Service. We primarily operate our iPhone repair service in Milton Keynes, but we also offer a mail-in service for other products.

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What models of iPhone can we repair?

  • iPhone 5s & 5C
  • iPhone 6 & 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6S & 6S Plus
  • iPhone SE

  • iPhone 7 & 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8 & 8 Plus
  • iPhone X

  • iPhone XS, XS Max
  • iPhone XR

  • iPhone 11, Pro, Pro Max & Later

iPhone issues we can fix (iPhone repair service in Milton Keynes)

  • Battery Replacement

  • Screen Repairs

  • iPhone Screen Replacement

  • iPhone Speaker/Microphone issues

  • Camera issues – including cracked lens

  • iPhone Button functionality problems e.g. home button doesn’t work

  • For any iPhone issues not listed here, please contact us and let us know what’s wrong with your iPhone!

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iPhone Repair Milton Keynes

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Areas We Cover: iPhone Repair Milton Keynes

We cover the majority of areas in Milton Keynes. If you need iPhone Repairs in Milton Keynes, contact us today or use our mail-in service.

We offer our repair services for iPhones & Apple products ranging from iPads to MacBooks.

If you own an Apple product that has been damaged or has issues with its power button, thunderbolt port, water damage, retina display, etc., and are looking for it to be repaired, contact us today!

As well as covering a broad range for iPhone repairs within Milton Keynes, we also are able to repair the most popular and used iPhone models in today’s market.

Yes if you’re struggling to charge your iPhone we can certainly help

Yes, if you are having problems with rear or front cameras we can help to repair them

Not only can we repair the glass screen element of your phone, we can also replace the actual LCD display that goes behind it, this allows us to fully repair your iPhone screen and have it looking as good as new!

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Mail in service
  • iPhone Repairs Milton Keynes

  • iPhone Repairs Abbey Hill

  • iPhone Repairs Bletchley and Fenny Stratford

  • iPhone Repairs Bradwell

  • iPhone Repairs New Bradwell

  • iPhone Repairs Broughton

  • iPhone Repairs Campbell Park

  • iPhone Repairs Central Milton Keynes

  • iPhone Repairs Fairfields

  • iPhone Repairs Great Linford

  • iPhone Repairs Kents Hill, Monkston and Brinklow

  • iPhone Repairs Loughton

  • iPhone Repairs Shenley Brook End

  • + Many other locations!

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iPhone Screen Repair Milton Keynes

If you’ve recently dropped or damaged your device, and you’re in need of an iPhone Screen Repair, then we’re here to help! Here at Absolute Circuits we are able to repair any damage that occurs to your iPhone screen – from chips and scratches to full screen replacement.

Why Should I Repair My iPhone Screen?

If your iPhone screen is cracked and is in need of screen repair, then it is vital that you get it fixed as soon as possible. Damage to your screen may seem insignificant and you may see it as no more than a minor inconvenience, but screen damage can have a major impact on the overall health of your device. Cracks in your device can cause the whole screen to stop working, and they can also make your phone more prone to water damage – this is why it is important to repair your iPhone screen as soon as possible.

Man repairing an iPhone screen

iPhone Screen Repair / Display Pricing

iPhone 6S


iPhone 6S Plus


iPhone 7


iPhone 7 Plus


iPhone 8


iPhone 8 Plus


iPhone X / XR / XS


iPhone XS Max


iPhone 11


iPhone 11 Pro


Batteries (5- 7 Plus)


Batteries (8 - XS)

iPhone Repair Milton Keynes

The Quality Of Our Screen Repairs

We take quality very seriously and you may have heard horror stories of companies using poorly manufactured screens for iPhone screen repairs.

At Absolute Circuits, we will offer a Premium to Original variety of displays. So if you’re looking for a high-quality screen without the premium then we can help. Or if you’d like an original Apple screen then we can do that too!

Enquire here for more information on our iPhone Repairs in Milton Keynes.

Use our Repair Checker to find what repairs are available for your model

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Most Common iPhone Repair Issues

There are some iPhone repair issues that are more common than others. The most common Apple repairs that we come across here in Milton Keynes are screen repairs and battery replacements. If your phone screen is damaged or your battery is dying fast for no reason, reach out to us today to see how we can help you. Whilst these issues may seem minor, damage to an iPhone screen can allow moisture into the device, that could cause irreparable damage. A damaged battery could also render your iPhone unusable.

We don’t only repair iPhones here at Absolute Circuits, we are capable of meeting all of your Apple repair needs – from iPad battery replacement to Macbook logic board repair.

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Is your iPhone charge draining quickly? You may need to replace your battery.

One of the most common iPhone repairs we encounter is battery defects. Battery issues are very common, but they can be very annoying. If your phone is dying quicker than usual or randomly, you may be in need of an iPhone battery replacement. Here at Absolute Circuits, we are well-equipped to help you with any battery issues that you may be facing, and offer a battery replacement service out of our offices in Milton  Keynes.

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Mac Mail In Service

Apple Macintosh Technician / Logic Board Repair Specialist

If you would like to ship your Mac into us for repair then please click the button below and fill out the form.

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“I am working in the field and appreciate Jamie’s knowledge and work ethos. He fixed many logic boards for me; some very difficult repairs after major liquid spills. He always kept me up to date and left no stone unturned to get it done. A highly recommended repair service for Apple products!!”

Anton Gassmann, Liquid Spill Logic Board Repair

“I supplied a MacBook Pro Mid 2012 to Jamie for repair and was very satisfied with the results.  I was kept up to date all the way through the repair process and the price charged was very reasonable. I was told the system was a write off. I would recommend The MacVision to my friends and colleagues.”

Chris R

“We’ve been sending work to The Mac Vision for around 6 months now and we’re more than happy with the level of work carried out. Top quality repairs”

PC Revamp

“Everywhere quoted me £500/600 for a new logic board for my macbook pro which wouldn’t turn on. I came across The MacVision and within a week my mac was repaired and working for no more than £130. Top level of service and highly recommend, many thanks again.”


“Overall super guy coupled with real talent in the electronics field! Diagnosed my issue before he’d even seen my Macbook Pro. Sorted it out and had it shipped back to me in a few days. Saved me a bunch of cash. Kept me 100% up to date during the whole process. If you’re having problems with your Apple computer give this guy a call. Thanks Jamie. One very pleased customer here!!”

John Paul Craig

“After being advised to get a new MacBook after spilling a drink on it, I sent my Mac down to Jamie to fix the logic board. As soon as it arrived, Jamie emailed me to say that it had arrived, and then updated me when he had finished the work on it (same day). He then dispatched this on the same day. Excellent service, would definitely recommend. MacBook is fully functional again. Thank you!”

Sam Hall

“Have used Jamie 3 times now, either for myself or for other people. Has successfully brought 3 dead Macbooks back to life. The type of repair he does is quite specialised and you won’t find somebody doing this in every town. You also will NOT get this type of repair done at your local Apple store!

You get regular progress reports on your repair, which is done for a very fair price, considering the type of skill needed. Highly recommended!”

Malcolm Sillick

“Top notch service from Jamie who successfully managed to revive my MacBook Pro for a very fair price. He received it on Tuesday, mailed it back to me on a Thursday and kept me updated every step of the way!”

Curtis Kennington

“Carried out an investigation into a problem with my MacBook Pro.

Excellent communication through the whole process, prices more than fair and brilliant service.

Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or use again in the future. 5+ stars!”

Colin Turnbull

“Great service, Professional and timely.
Prices are also very reasonable compared to those exorbitant prices charged by other mac repair companies.”

Dziva Pakuru

“Macvision upgraded the RAM in our 21.5 inch 2017 iMac which I read online is the computer repair equivalent of open heart surgery – not an easy job! The Mac runs a lot smoother now. Super fast turn around, great customer service. Thanks”

Pitacs Limited

“Top quality guy, matched by top quality repairs. I’m happy to send work to The Mac Vision (Jamie) and I’m happy with the outcome of the diagnostics and repairs he carries out.

So far Jamie has managed to repair every device I have sent to him.”

Paul Browne

“Really good service from Jamie. Kept me upto date throughout the process and a very competitive price. Would definitely use again”

Phil Townend

“Excellent communication and service – fixed my milk damaged air book and got it working like new. Would not hesitate to recommend”

Private Client

“very affordable price, great communication & very quick to fix my laptop! did a brilliant job! would 110% recommend this company to anyone! thank you so much again!”

Lauren Rootham

“I buggered up my iMac trying to upgrade with a new SSD. Jamie did a very good job of repairing the damaged connector on the motherboard and replaced the connector cable. Saved me the cost of a new motherboard. Highly recommended.”

Tanveer Choudhry

“Thanks to MacVision I didn’t have to pay crazy money to Apple for a new logic board. Amazing and speedy service! :-)”

Ollie Kell

“Amazing service! Shipped my MacBook Pro into these guys. Had the Logic Board repaired and all shipped back within 3 days! Highly recommended”

Rhia Mccue

Apple Repairs

We specialise in the highest quality Apple repairs including Mac’s, iPhone’s and iPad’s.

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Logic Board Repair

At Absolute Circuits we offer the opportunity for you to repair your logic board professionally instead of paying the premium to replace it.

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Apple Upgrades

We can boost the performance of your existing Mac at a considerably lower price than buying a new machine.

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Mac OS Support

If you’re having software troubles we can troubleshoot your machine and identify the issue, all with a quick turnaround time. We can even do this remotely!

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Where we’re based

We’re based in Newport Pagnell inside Buckinghamshire. We serve clients all over the United Kingdom & Europe using our Mail-In Service which is available to everybody. We also support lots of local customers in the following areas:

  • Milton Keynes

  • Northampton

  • Bedford

  • Luton

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