It can be quite frustrating when you check your iPhone and it’s already low on battery after a full charge. This article will highlight some quick fixes, deeper problems, and how to check if you need a replacement battery.

So let’s jump straight into it.

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Quick Fixes for improving battery life:

Background App Refresh

Head to Settings > General and click “Background App Refresh”. This feature is power-hungry and allows apps to refresh their content in the background when you’re not using them. Turn this off to save a lot of battery!

Location Services

Next, up go to Settings>Privacy and click “Location Services”. Check apps such as FaceBook aren’t set to “Always” for using location services. This will drain your battery considerably as the app will always be connected and monitoring your location. At Absolute Circuits, we recommend choosing the “While Using” option for all apps.

What We Recommend With a New iPhone

Okay next we move to deeper issues. Sometimes over the years and even more so if you upgrade your iPhone every year the software can develop problems and bring issues from previous backups onto your phone. This causes your battery to run down quicker than usual.

Here’s what we recommend to do either when you get a new iPhone or if your battery is running down quickly and you’ve not done this before.

We’ll essentially look to make sure your data is synced to iCloud.

The reason we say synced and not backed up is because these are two different things. If you wiped your phone and put your backup onto the phone afterward, your battery life will be exactly the same because the issue could be in your backup.

So what we aim to do is wipe the phone and then log into iCloud and manually sync the data back on instead of from a backup.

iCloud Backup

Now, protecting your phone screen from any form of damage over its lifetime is going to be a difficult ask, however, there are some fantastic products on the market that you can pick up for a good price that will actually do a great job of protecting your phone screen.

iphone battery running out quickly

Once you’re happy, you can wipe the phone by going to Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Content and Settings.

After the erase is complete you can start setting up the iPhone and when asked if you have a backup ignore it and continue manually by signing into iCloud. Complete the rest of the steps and you’ll be taken to the home page. Your data will automatically start syncing.

By this point, you should see photos downloading, messages coming through, and find your contacts all where they should be. For apps, they will have to be downloaded manually which is the only laborious part of this process sadly!

And that’s it for software! You’ve now had your software optimised for the best battery life.

Finally, you could have a hardware issue and a depleted battery.

To check your battery capacity go to Settings>Battery>Battery Health

Here it will tell you what % your battery capacity is.

iphone battery running out quickly

The easiest way to explain this is that when you buy a brand new phone it has 100% capacity and over time it goes down naturally (like tyres on a car). So if it drops to say 80% then when your iPhone is reporting 100% in the top right corner then it only actually has 80%. This is why some people experience their phone turning off at random percentages.

Apple’s internal guideline for a new battery is when your old one hits 80% or lower. At Absolute Circuits, we normally recommend changing between 80-85% to ensure maximum battery health. This repair typically costs £35+VAT (model dependant) and doesn’t take too long, normally 20-30 mins.

That’s all from us, if you want more detailed info feel free to drop us a message.